Why Choose Us?

Because why not? If you’re looking for a place to truly unwind and experience what paradise on Earth is like, 357 Boracay is the place to be.

Most of our exquisite suites hold a fine view of the finest sands and blue waters of Boracay, you will get the rest and relaxation that you paid for and more. An experience that won’t leave you hanging, 357 Boracay offers a service that is unparalleled – a reason why the resort has been consistently visited and voted as the Best Beach Resort by famous and well-known people.

Because of this, booking a room at 357 Boracay is highly-coveted.

For a sure reservation of our suites, send us a message immediately, reserve a room and have the greatest vacation you will ever have.

Why Choose Us?

Lie in the clouds and sleep in contentment. Your own sorrows and troubles are instantly swept away as soon as you pull into the covers of our well-made beds. 357 Boracay values rest more than anything else. Our rooms are created to exude a vibe of dreamlike charm that will surely give you the sleep of champions. Come and lie down as the waves of the ocean lull you to sleep.