• If your best intentions mean just a day of chilling or a fun-filled energy-charged activities galore, then you can find both in 357 Boracay.

  • Find a home away from home, your very own private space in a land where the lines beyond reality and paradise are blurred.

  • In 357 Boracay, you will bear witness to food that is indeed a taste of culinary.

Why Choose Us

Because why not? If you’re looking for a place to truly unwind and experience what paradise on Earth is like, 357 Boracay is the place to be.

Most of our exquisite suites hold a fine view of the finest sands and blue waters of Boracay, you will get the rest and relaxation that you paid for and more.

An experience that won’t leave you hanging, 357 Boracay offers a service that is unparalleled – a reason why the resort has been consistently visited and voted as the Best Beach Resort by famous and well-known people.

View From The Resto
Facade At Day
Ph Sala
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Beach Front
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What Can We Offer

Paradise is perfection. Have a taste of it right here at 357 Boracay.

  • World-class resort hotel right by the fine beaches of Boracay
  • Eleven fully air-conditioned comfy and homey suites
  • Televisions with cable facilities
  • 24-hour electricity service with two standby generators
  • Lounge bar and restaurant that serves a wide array of food
  • Telephone and fax facilities plus free unlimited internet connection
  • Ferry service to and from Caticlan and Kalibo
  • Scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing and other aqua sports
  • Discovery tours around the island
  • Personalized service that will give you a reason to stay with us and come back

Sugar-fine white sand that stretches four kilometers. Pure and eloquent. This paradise island sits at the northwest tip of picturesque Panay in Western Visayas. One thousand eighty hectares of endless discoveries. Fine seashells. Rainbow-colored corals. Majestic sunsets. Moonlit skies. Palate Pleasures. Seafood. Fresh vegetables. Tropical fruits spree.

Where paradise begins...

Here at 357 Boracay, we create a fusion of calm and frenzy. It’s about spontaneity. You get to choose your own fate, whether you will relax and unwind by the beach or take a dive with the waves. Or you can do both. 357 Boracay is all about choosing your own kind of adventure, your own relaxation, your own decision. This is the place.